Tips to Keep You Motivated During The Holidays

The holidays are a busy time between work, family, traveling, shopping, and parties. It's easy to understand why many people struggle to keep up a consistent routine. Here are five tips to help keep you motivated during the holidays: 1.) Set micro goals Break your season up into individual weeks, and every Sunday or Monday, set a realistic workout goal for the next seven days based on what is going on in your life. Some weeks allow for more activity than others, but the key is in maintaining your momentum by starting with a clean slate each week, tailoring your goals to what...

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YOU are The Magic

Like the stars in the universe that are all unique, we can also shine in our uniqueness without fear of being in competition with anyone else.

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The Best Form of Confidence is The Confidence That Comes from Within

  LADIES.... the most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself, periodt! We are not born with the feeling of being confident. Confidence has to be built. For some of us, it sounds easier said than done. Given the fact that there are social media, opinionated people and many other distractions, it's understandable why you feel like you can’t reach the level of confidence you wish you were at, but it’s not impossible. Building self-confidence is not an overnight fix, it is a process. Here are a few things we believe will boost your self-confidence:   First...

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